Book Review: The Space Between Words

I just finished the The Space Between Words by Michèle Phoenix and want to share how the book surprised me in a satisfying way. The majority of the book takes place in France. The narrator Jessica and her friends are in Paris when the terrorist attacks happened in 2015. They go to a concert together with no way of knowing their future plans will be cancelled due to tragedy.

I could tell by the title and the short description of the story that I would enjoy reading the book immensely. It opens up so appropriately with a flashback that sets the entire plot of the story. What I didn’t expect was for the characters to be so realistic. Their personalities, actions and purposes in the story wasn’t forced; it flowed so well between each one of the characters. What I loved best was the dialogue between the characters; Michèle Phoenix made the verbal communication between the characters a work of art.

The plot itself interested me the most because the genre is Christian fiction but it also had a hint of mystery to it. I felt myself get as excited as the characters with each information and discovery they found. I couldn’t believe that Michèle Phoenix could tie in a tragedy that affected nations across the world to one person who had to find healing her own way. She also included several plot twists which make the story ten times better. I loved reading this book even though it cost me a couple of nights sleep and I would recommend to anyone who enjoys Christian novels too.