“Where I End” Book Review

Before I start reviewing this story I want to introduce myself since I failed to do so in my first post. My name is Katharina, although many people stick to calling me Kat. It was a teenage nickname and I just can’t seem to shake it. I graduated from Texas A&M University-San Antonio in May and I start my new job on Monday. It might not be my dream job but it will provide me with great experience on the way to the career in which I see myself. I want to be in the business of publishing books, with a major focus in editing and proofreading them. This is also another stepping stone for me. I started requesting books that will soon be published to read and review so publishers will become familiar with my name. This isn’t to make money and if I never make a career out of this it will be a hobby I really enjoy. I only wish I had found netgalley.com sooner!

I finished reading Where I End this afternoon. The story is so beautiful. It is written by Katherine Elizabeth Clark and shares her life after she is paralyzed from the neck down. The narrative begins in Grand Rapids, Michigan the day she and her daughter visit her son at school. That day changed everything for her and her family and no day was the same afterward. The accident was so simple that one would never think it could cause something so complex and very serious. Immediately after, when she is laying on the ground, she knew she couldn’t move but didn’t know quite how long the effects of her injury would reach across her life.

Despite all the negative things this incident caused in her life she has nothing but positive words of wisdom. And I say wisdom with the amazement that Clark made Bible verses so clear and understandable. As an author she is so transparent with the way she felt throughout the entire process. She trusted God the entire time. Too often I think to myself “Why ME?”. In Where I End Clark explains that we shouldn’t ask “Why?” but “To what end?”.

At the beginning of her book Clark explains that her story is not and does not end like a fairytale. It is clearly a miracle but the “fairytale” does not exist, not until Jesus comes back to bring us home. That is when we live happily ever after.

This story is great for people who love nonfiction and want to be inspired and awed by how God worked in miraculous ways for this woman and her family.