Book Review: “Gold, Frankincense and Murder”

How catchy is this title!?! The rest of the book is just as good. Barbara Early is the author of this fantastic book and it is very clear she put a lot of time into writing this book, from the dedication to the conclusion of the story. The narrator’s dry humor and excellent wit makes this book seem lighthearted in the midst of a sad tragedy. The only part about this book that disappoints is how brief it was. I look forward-and honestly expect-to see a sequel to this title. I know it would make for a great plot coming from Barbara Early.

For anyone who takes Christmas with a grain of salt or enjoys a murder-mystery story all year round this is the book for you this holiday season. I rate this book five out of five stars.

Book Review: Colors of Christmas

I read this book weeks ago but it didn’t feel right posting my review until after Thanksgiving. In Colors of Christmas, Olivia Newport writes two stories of ladies who have recently experienced significant loss. Although I have yet to know what it feels like to lose something that means so much to me I believe she captures the feelings of the main characters perfectly. Her plot is so realistic and all the characters had me tear up and cheer on with a few surprising twists throughout. Olivia Newport writes so descriptively that I could feel Christmas cheer and Christmas blues welling up. I would recommend this book to anyone even if it is not Christmas time. For people who need a small push to truly celebrate Christmas this year Colors of Christmas is a great suggestion.

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Book Review: Amish Sweethearts

I put this blog post off for way too long and there is no good reason for it. I suppose I became a little too involved in my daily routine: work, eat, Netflix, sleep and repeat. It has been a nice change from my inconsistent work schedule I had a few months ago but it doesn’t leave much room for change.

I read Amish Sweethearts a few weeks ago and enjoyed the four different stories that were written. The stories came in one book and seem unrelated because all the characters are different in each book but they all have the same setting, Bird in Hand. When I came to the end of the first story I was slightly disappointed because it seemed to end too soon. It was more of a short story than a book. The conclusion was a cliche for romance books. I was surprised that the author was able to put such different spins on each story though. Each one made me tear up and the characters were so relatable that my heart actually went out to them. The plots were filled with lessons for the reader to learn as the characters did.

On the surface Amish Sweethearts might seem simple and short but they leave an impression on peoples’ minds to ponder over for a few days. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for light reading and enjoys Christian love stories.