Book Review: “An Extra Mile”

This book written by Sharon Garlough Brown was one of the most heartfelt books I have read in a long time. Each of the characters are dealing with a significant loss of a friend. That’s one thing they all have in common. Other than that the characters don’t have much in common but they are so strongly connected and God has found a way to bind them to be in each other’s lives because He knows they need it. They need the love, support and listening that the others provide.

Besides the story of these characters, a powerful message is shared about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I read a devotional a few days ago on how it is important to not simply think of Jesus as a weak little baby because in reality He is an all-powerful God. In An Extra Mile, Sharon Garlough Brown illustrates through one of the main characters that Jesus is also not only an Almighty God. He is a man that has experienced pain, suffering and death. This is significant for everyone as we all deal with certain losses, difficulties and tribulations in life. Because Jesus suffered and was wounded for our sins, we know He COMPLETELY understands and is always there for us, even if no one else is.

This book is a great read. I give it a 5 out of 5 rating. It has depth, a great message and a story to be mulled over days after finishing. I would recommend it to anyone who is always searching for more revelations about life.

Book Review: Savanna’s Gift

This book is written by Camille Eide and I love that she has a perspective that was new to me regarding the gifts and opportunities God gives to us. The main character Savanna believes God is presenting her with two gifts, each of which would take her life in a different direction, and it’s up to her to choose which one means the most to her. This book is very sweet and shows that God is so patient with all his children. Camille Eide did a great job of presenting the plot which smoothly led to the conflict. I was bursting with happiness when I read the conclusion. It definitely has the ‘aw’ factor.

I rate this book a 3.5 out of 5. Go ahead and give it a try this Christmas season to see what you think!