Book Review: Read and Gone

Originally, I only chose to write reviews on Christian book genres, but after reading many Christian romance books I sought out other genres to expand my reading topics and what I write about. This book is a mystery novel written by Allison Brook. Although the plot line started out great with a murder that had every character and me scratching our heads in confusion, the mystery was sadly foiled by lack of planting clues and hints into the reader’s mind as to who the murderer is. The writing also seemed painfully awkward especially through conversations between characters. Finally, I could not get a good grip on who the narrator was. Because of an author’s representation of a character through their actions, conversations and thoughts, I can usually get a clear picture of the character’s mannerisms and make sense of their further actions. The narrator and the other major characters are not well structured in descriptive words, nor do their conversations ebb and flow with each setting. Although the author’s chosen murderer makes sense because he had a strong motive for committing the crime, there was no suspense, no real surprises and no utter shock for the reader at the end of the story. I rate this book a 2 out of 5.

Book Review: Heart Land

I finished reading this book over the weekend but have not found the chance to write about how much I loved it until today. I’m proud to say I was very productive on Saturday and Sunday thanks to not having to work at my second job anymore. Although it was difficult for me to think about quitting, I knew it was time and once I handed in my two weeks notice I felt relieved and not reluctant. I knew it was the right move and my first weekend not working is proof of that. I still babysit frequently so I earn money that goes into my savings account and I teach German class with my mom every Saturday morning which also pays. My biggest reason for quitting my other job was to get laundry done, go grocery shopping and make the meals for me to eat every week. Basically everything I don’t have time to do during the week.

But I digress. Heart Land is a Christian book written by Kimberly Stuart. Let me tell you, this lady has some serious talent with using words to tell a great story and describe the settings beautifully. That is really what first caught my attention to her book. I was just as impressed with her storyline. She kept the details simple but made sure each and every character had their own specific personality. So, maybe you want to know something about the plot. The main character is living her dream life in New York City toiling her 20’s away toward a hopeful promotion at a company she is very dedicated to. How then does she end up back in her hometown in Silver Creek, Iowa? Well, you will just have to find out for yourself. At the risk of being a spoiler alert, there is love, dreams are made and you will be so happy that the character finally found the dream God made for her.

I rate this book 5 out of 5.