Book Review: “The Patriot Bride”

Unfortunately, it has been a long time since I published my last blog post. Am I still reading books and enjoying them? Yes! Most definitely. And that’s actually the reason I haven’t posted since May. I’ve been reading many books, including genres that are out of the scope that this blog covers. I joined a book club which has helped me discover, read and discuss books that I would have never picked out of my own volition. It’s liberating because I feel like I have some of the structure that I had back in school to read literature but have no pressure to come up with thought-provoking comments on what I’ve read unless I want to. I have read several books since the start of 2018, both Christian and non-Christian that I want to cover in a different blog post. I will give a list with a short synopsis on each book and why I did or not like it.

Now to move on to the actual book review! I finished reading The Patriot Bride by Kimberley Woodhouse. The title says a lot about the setting of the book as it takes place during The Revolutionary War between the colonists and British Loyalists. Faith Lytton Jackson is a grown woman who has been close to George Washington since her childhood. When she loses her parents George takes care of her well-being until she is married to a friend of his. At the time the war is starting Faith is a widow determined to help the Patriot cause with other women colonists. They start by making supplies for the soldiers to aid in the war and Faith boldly steps out to help even further by becoming a messenger. She secretly meets Matthew Weber who is a spy placed among Loyalists to gather up secrets to help the colonists win the war. During their meetings to exchange coded notes they start to fall in love but have trouble putting their fears of war aside to fully commit to their feelings to one another. It’s not until one of them disappears and lands in a precarious situation that they both know that if they ever see each other again they will cherish what they have.

I liked reading this book because it is full of history and famous people who helped form the United States of America. Anyone who knows me knows I love all history! Woodhouse smoothly created a love story in the midst of historical events and I could feel that the characters truly felt love for each other. I give the book a 4 out of 5.

On an almost unrelated side note, I wrote a short story when I was in the seventh grade (I think) about a spy named Martin (after my mom, Martina) who aided the colonists in The Revolutionary War. I won first place in my school in the Daughters of American Revolution writing contest and I had the honor of reading it aloud at a special lunch to recognize the winners. I don’t remember all the details except that I made it quite emotional by killing Martin (sorry Mom) and I was very proud of the story I created. That’s when I knew I love to write! AnywayThe Patriot Bride kind of reminded me of my own story. I wish I could find it but I didn’t keep any hard copies and I think it was wiped from the computer’s hard drive. It’s sad that I can’t recover it, but remembering a story that I wrote over 10 years ago makes me think about writing stories again. Maybe longer stories. Maybe a book…

But before I do that, I promise a book review for more books is coming soon!