Book Review: The Liberty Bride

MaryLu Tyndall formed a great storyline between the two main characters of the book who are of course the love interest of the story. The setting starts out on Charlotte, Emeline’s fathers merchant-turned-privateer ship. She is crossing the Atlantic home to Baltimore after spending the last few years in England in an effort to become a proper lady. Or her father’s attempt, anyway. Because of her mother’s death and her father’s disapproval Emmeline thinks God is punishing her for not being proper enough. Meanwhile Owen doesn’t care at all what God thinks of his thoughts and actions. His only goal is to successfully complete his mission as a spy. But it seems as if Emeline gets in his way. First , as a n attractive young lady, then as a traitor to her country and finally as a kindhearted person who is willing to sacrifice her own well-being to protect others.

I really did like the storyline of the book. The setting is 1814 which is just before the end of the War of 1812 between the USA and England. I didn’t like that the author put loyalty to their country before God. Believe me, I am all for staunchly supporting my own country. I am proud to be a USA citizen but I think Christians should work harder for God. I would have liked to see how a real romance would have been handled between characters on opposite sides of the war. Would their love have prevailed because of their love and faith in God? The author made slight mentions of having friendships and respect for individuals that should be considered enemies but there is no follow up into it.

I rate the book 3 out of 5.

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