Book Review: Confessions of a Christian Mystic

This book is also titled Confessions of an American Mystic. I suppose this was to help the author River Jordan reach a wider audience. The book is a memoir of the narrator’s life. She reviews significant events in her childhood. She has memories of what happened to her and what affected others. The book covers a wide scope of the author’s life but not really in any particular order. The book was in the format of a natural conversation between friends getting to know each other better.

The book was good but slow-going. The author is talented with her words; I suppose however, that not all of her narrations kept me as engaged as a very intense and suspenseful mystery. Her confessions are nothing like that of a mystery. In fact, she unveils wisdom through her many stories. I felt like I was reading her version of parables from her life. She told a story and although she didn’t outright give you a summarizing lesson after, she gave enough musings of her own so the reader can glean what her point of the story was. I didn’t read the story in one, two, or three sittings. No, I took my time reading a chapter or two here or there but I wasn’t in a great hurry to finish the book. It’s the one thing I like about memoirs, you don’t put as much stake into it as you do with others (I tend to do it with historical fiction books of all things) but the various stories I remember from her periodically cross my mind in a casual way.

This book is a slow read as I said in the beginning and although it didn’t hold wildly great interest, the book gave me a time of relaxing solitude where I only had to ponder on the thoughts of one person. I rate the book a 4 out of 5.